22 Jun, 2017

Senior Officers Conference

Within a two days conference on board the latest fleet-addition “TUI Discovery 2”, Thomson granted a look behind the scenes to their Fleet Senior Officers and contractors.

Captains, Staff Captains, Chief Engineers, General and Hotel Managers followed the invitation and exchanged their uniforms against a business dress. Being the Technical Manager of the vessels “TUI Discovery” & “TUI Discovery 2”, “Thomson Celebration” and “Thomson Dream”, COLUMBIA Cruise Services was delighted to participate with a small delegation, led by our Managing Director Olaf Gröger.

Richard Sofer (Managing Director Thomson Cruises), Adrian Hibbert (Operations Director Thomson Cruises) and their team outlined in a very descriptive manner the operational short and long term strategies for Thomson Cruises within different business-sessions. Presentations and group discussions on customer service, safety and security promoted additional awareness on commonly agreed key-points.

Off the panels, an interesting exchange across the fleet and departments completed the valuable get-together.


Senior Officers Conference