3 Nov, 2017

Marella Discovery 2 – Renaming completed in less than 40 hours

Thomson Cruises, the UK’s third largest cruise line, just announced their rebranding to Marella Cruises. Hand-in-hand with the rebranding, all vessels will be renamed and wearing the Marella Cruises brand (Marella is of Celtic origin and means “shining sea”) in combination with their name from now-on, proudly on their bow.

COLUMBIA Cruise Services (CCS), being the Technical Manager of 4 Marella Cruises vessels, just started the rebranding process successfully with Marella Discovery 2 (previously TUI Discovery 2). Within less than 40 hours alongside in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), the renaming of the vessel has been completed under the supervision of our vessel designated CCS Technical Superintendent in cooperation with Palumbo Yards on the 28th of October 2017.

The sister vessel Marella Discovery (previously TUI Discovery) followed on the 02nd of November within her annual docking period in Tarragona. Subsequently Thomson Dream (to be Marella Dream) and Thomson Celebration (to be Marella Celebration) will continue along.