21 Dec, 2017

COLUMBIA Cruise Services wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Dear Business Partner,

The festive season is a time for consideration of the important things in life.
Based on our company location in Hamburg, we have decided to relinquish Christmas presents this year in favor of a donation to the local organization VIVA CON AGUA – Sankt Pauli.

In connection with our Seasonal Greetings we would like to thank you for your confidence in us, your loyalty and the pleasant cooperation. We wish you a merry and blessed Christmas season, health, good fortune and always six inches water under the keel in upcoming New Year.

Your CCS- Team
2017_X-Mas 2017

WATER FOR ALL – ALL FOR WATER ~ Benjamin Adrion, player at the Hamburg-based FC St. Pauli football team, participated in a training camp with his team in Cuba in 2005. This elicited the desire to support a “Welthungerhilfe” (global hunger initiative) caring for potable water supply in the kindergartens of Havana. It became clear that this kind of fund raising did not only attract the inhabitants of Hamburg, but enabled the newly founded organization to promptly finance further projects worldwide.

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is a non-profit organization campaigning for access to potable water for human beings all over the world. To achieve this goal, Viva con Agua supports variegated projects and missions, domestic and abroad, to spread lots of vitality.