6 Oct, 2017

Three dry dockings within 5 weeks

COLUMBIA Cruise Services (CCS) is keeping the BLOHM & VOSS yard busy – within only five weeks in September and October 2017, CCS is docking the vessels MV/EUROPA 2, MV/EUROPA and MV/BREMEN (all owned and operated by the German cruise operator Hapag Lloyd Cruises https://www.hl-cruises.com/ ) in Hamburg, Germany.

Being the Technical Manager of the Hapag Lloyd Cruises fleet, CCS signs overall responsible for the dry docking and supervision. Besides planned maintenance, major conversions in the passenger areas have been scheduled.

MV/EUROPA 2 already undocked after two weeks in schedule on the 26th of September 2017, now heading towards her Atlantic crossing mid of October where the passengers will have a lot of time to enjoy, amongst other alterations, the pleasure of a completely newly redesigned spa area.