17 May, 2017

CCS participating in annual CLIA Summit at Sea

COLUMBIA Cruise Services took the opportunity aboard Cunard’s Queen Elisabeth to connect with more than 165 cruise experts, representing 100 diverse companies across the industry.

Representatives of the worldwide leading Cruise Operators, Management Companies, Destination Management Companies and a broad range of Suppliers used diverse official panels and informal rounds to discuss the latest opportunities, trends and challenges of the Cruise Industry.

The topics of this year’s business sessions mainly concentrated on safety and environment.

Within the “Technology Related Safety Enhancements” panel, yard representatives and specialized suppliers discussed with the industry the exciting innovations with regards to the safety aspects of equipment and design. Nevertheless, all participants consented that along with the new hardware, an increasing need to keep focus on continuously enhancing the skills and capabilities of our seafarers arises. The need for a specialized partner, like Columbia Cruise Services, in the sector of recruiting and crewing of well-trained and appropriate certified crew for cruise ships will further increase with the constantly growing influence of “big data”.

Approaching technological challenges due to new regulations like the Ballast Water Management Convention or the need for Sewage Water Treatment Plants while cruising the Baltic region have been the points for discussion within the “Environmental Policy and Technology Related Environmental Enhancements” panel. Technology is being used to assist the industry in the efforts of minimizing the ecological footprint wherever we operate. Likewise it is important to share the developments with one voice of the industry and commonly inform about the progress.